About Me

About Me

For a short introduction of myself, I am fine arts painter, sculptor, a model maker, 3d modeller/texture artist, prop builder and concept artist for games, movies and television.  I am also a entrepreneur, having created a number of successful art products. My professional experience includes work on permanent displays models for Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina.  I'm currently living in Vancouver BC Canada. Over the past 8 years, I've mainly worked in the video games industry worked on games from Fiffa Road to Worldcup, The Bigs: Baseball MVP... to concept designs and 3d modeling for games including Dead Rising 2 and 3, to 2d illustrations for card games including Reign of Dragons, and Lord of Dragons among others. I have also been teaching and mentoring at 3D animation schools for the past 7 years.



I  made this line of anatomy models because I felt there is room in the market for more higher quality, and more affordable anatomy models for the artist, professionals, and students alike.  As of now, I'm a one man team, it is a labor of love, I do everything by myself, so voices from my customers or potential customers, comments, and suggestions will be heard, and replied.  I welcome suggestions and reference materials to additional products that you(the customer) wants, and hopefully with enough data information I can make these products available.

In terms of the process of making anatomy models, it is actually 90% research, and 10% actual modelling.  This is because anatomy illustrations vary from artist to artist and sometimes with inaccurate proportions, and even photos and 3d scans of dissected dead animals are distorted, the final version needs to be cross referenced to photographs of the living animals, and hopefully that particular animal isn't covered with fur!

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