Jun's Deco

Through recent years while living with my family we always thought about what to put up on the empty walls in our home for decoration.  Inspiration came to me last summer when my daughter was putting up all her artworks on our walls, she inspire me to do the same and it made me remember my years growing up, I went and dug up some of my sculptures I made when I was a teenager.  Within those past works I found wall hanger sculptures and decorative statues made during my teenage years, and I thought to myself, I had the idea, why not continue and really work on it!  

So, I dedicate this new line of products to my dearest beloved, my wife and daughter, they inspire me with their ideas, suggestions, love, and support for my arts!  My goal is to produce a line of art work that blends realism and fantasy together, and the resulting pieces would bring family, and unity, majestic, and beauty, the powerful, and the emotional, to your home or office for decoration. 

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