BBC - TV Series "Big Animal Surgery" credited Jun's Anatomy June 28, 2019 23:44

Hello everyone,

I received exciting news that BBC - veterinary TV Series "Big Animal Surgery"  credited Jun's Anatomy, and also myself Jun Huang for works on their show!   Here are some images from the episode on Chimpanzee, collaborated work with Shadow Industries a VFX studio in the UK.  Please checkout the show!



Bonobo 1/6th scale anatomy model now shipping! June 18, 2019 14:38

Hi everyone, the Bonobo 1/6th scale anatomy model is finally ready to ship!  its been an extremely long wait because of the move(forced by the China government to move to a location) by my manufacturer and dropshipper, created a few months of delay and a few months with numerous mixed up orders!  Finally, things are starting to get back on track, all the bonobo castings are done, packaged and ready to ship!




Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 November 20, 2018 19:44

hello everyone,

Its Black Friday & Cyber Monday this coming weekend!  By much request I created a discount code for anyone interested in my Big Cats models with a 15% discount. 

You can order through the follow link:


You MUST enter the discount code:  BFCYBR2018  during checkout.




shipping officially started for the gorilla models and chimp models! October 26, 2018 01:25

To my dear supporters,

After such a long time and anticipation, shipping officially started for the gorilla models and chimp models! The road was a tough one, having experienced the first production run of the big cats models, I still encounter whole new sets of problems, new challenges, new obstacles, new issues, natural disasters, to the last but not least which upset me greatly, miscalculations issues raised by my manufacturer which held up my business as a hostage for a couple of days, and negotiation ended with me paying for their mistakes by meeting them half-way by paying more for manufacturing!   I don't have much of a choice to try and come out positive, I need to compromise and ship the models out ASAP!  

Caution for everyone who wants to run their own figurine business, all sorts of things that can happen will probably happen at some point in time.

The problem is that the gorilla is officially bigger in weight than the sabertooth cat.  I set the gorilla's scale to the largest individual in history.  Those of you that love gorilla, I think you will be very happy about the size! 

Since some of the models have gone out, I look forward to receiving photos from my customers of the apes models as they receive them!



First Post March 5, 2016 16:00

Hi everyone, sorry for the long wait, I'm please to announce that we are close to shipping date, and that I turned on pre-order option for the Big Cats series.  I hope everything goes well according to plan, if so I would expect shipping to start in May.  I'm doing everything myself, so please be patience, and I will get to your order(s).



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