human female anatomy model almost ready to ship! November 19, 2020 00:41

Just like to let everyone know my human female anatomy model - extended set is available for pre-order, shipping should be able to start in approximately 1 month! Thank you so much to my supporters, the human models took a long time to reach this point due to the set backs of this year's pandemic situation.
This figure comes in 15 parts that includes: 3 heads(Caucasian, mongoloid, negroid), 2 upper torsos, 1 lower torso, 6 arms, 3 plinths(1 for the torso, and 2 smaller for the heads)
I have also added a more economical version ($97 USD)of the female human figure, this one does not have any removable interchangeable heads or arms, just a 1 part figurine.