Female human anatomy model feb 29, 2020 February 29, 2020 01:35

hi everyone,

OMG I finally received WIP photo of the human female anatomy model! because of the so many modular pieces, the fitting/joints between the parts prove most difficult, I hope the final result from the castings are good, if not I would need to combine the left and right half into one single piece torso. thank you everyone for your patience. This particular model I had waited 6 months to see the current result!
As things are trying to get back to normal over in China, from what I've heard from my 3D print vendor, manufacturer, dropshipper, they are only back to 1/3 capacity due to the virus outbreak, everyone is still trying to stay at home to ride out until they see enough confidence that the spread is under control.

I only hope that will get back to normal schedule soon!