Lion wall hanger (faux taxidermy) Jun's Deco



Jun's Deco first in the series of animal wall hanger busts.   Lion wall hanger (faux taxidermy), sculpture was made to portrayed the majestic male lion in a regal posture. Movement of the hair adds contrast to the stillness of his eyes as wind blows across the savanna on the African plain.  The piece was designed with nursery, bedroom, office decor in mind, I sought to make that perfect dimensional  faux Lion that can tie the room together by bringing nature into your home in a family comforting way.

Cast in Resin,

Hand painted

Finishes available in bronze, silver, Ivory, white, black

lion wall hanger bust 9" tall x 7"wide x 6" deep

easy mounting with a nail or Monkey Hook with a built-in keyhole on the back



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