Mountain gorilla wall hanger (faux taxidermy) Jun's Deco



Jun's Deco second in the series of animal wall hanger busts.   Mountain gorilla wall hanger (faux taxidermy), sculpture was made to portrayed the magnificent male silver-back mountain gorilla in a defensive expression.  Gorillas live deep in the mountainous jungles high up in the Virunga mountains on the boarder of Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo in African.  The piece was designed with nursery, bedroom, office decor in mind, I sought to make that perfect dimensional  faux Lion that can tie the room together by bringing nature into your home in a family comforting way.


Note* photo shown is a full color custom painted version which is not an option in the available finishes

Cast in Resin

Hand painted Finishes available in bronze, silver, Ivory, white, black

approximate size: 6.5" tall x 5"wide x 4" deep

easy mounting with a nail, screw, or Monkey Hook with a built-in keyhole on the back


The gorilla, it is the largest primates of today, adult males weight 135 - 180 kg (300 - 400 lb), exceptional large individuals can weight up to 230 kg (500 lb), females are about half that weight.  Males gorillas are 1.7 to 1.8 m in height, 2.3 - 2.6 m arm span.  Despite its intimidating appearance, the gorilla is a relatively gentle giant, foraging on the jungle ground for its vegetarian diet.  There are 3 subspecies of gorillas, all living in central Africa, the Western lowland gorilla(Gorilla. gorilla), these are the ones you see in zoos around the world, they have a very distinct face.  The other slightly larger is the Eastern lowland gorilla(Gorilla. beringei. graueri)  and the mountain gorilla(Gorilla. beringei. beringei), the two eastern subspecies are now classified as Gorilla. beringei.


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